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Modern hybrid orchestral composer for soundscapes, film and drama

Having began his composition journey in 2015 without a formal music education, Gabriel quickly developed his style and advanced his production techniques, relying entirely on his pure passion for film and television music. Since then, Gabriel has worked on many major soundscape and media projects, lending his advanced understanding of emotion,  texture, and experimental style, to much acclaim.

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MAJOR PROJECTS (2015-2019)

  • The Crossing (2015): 2 orchestral compositions as part of a 30-minute 3D soundscape, inspired by an imaginary transatlantic liner voyage to New York and back. Winner of Purple Apple UK marketing award 2016

  • What Does The Sea Say? (2015): 3D soundscape orchestral composition about the sea

  • The Enchanted Forestscape (2016): 3D orchestral composition inspired by the natural sounds of Madagascan wildlife

  • Everything You Can Imagine Is Real (2017): 3D soundscape composition based on the Picasso Portraits exhibition, exhibited in the NPG as part of the Late Night Extra season

  • I Am An Insect (2017): Soundscape composition in an historic National Trust glade at Bushey Norwood. 

  • Liquid Histories (2017-2018): 3D soundscape composition to accompany sonic art installation about the history of the Thames – part of the Shanghai Space Art Season – also staged at the British Library atrium as part of the 2018 celebration of the National Sound Archive

  • UCL Macbeth Production (2018): Orchestral composition and sound design – comprehensive composition for the UCL Macbeth play performed in June 2018

  • The Beyond (2018): Orchestral and soundscape composition for popular art exhibition This Class Works in July 2018 in Sheffield to accompany the centerpiece painting. 

  • El Jem Amphitheatre Soundscape (2019): Multiple Pieces Composed for Illustrious and their El Jem project in Tunisia- pieces designed to follow the story of a gladiator, ambient and action, with a North African twist

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  • The Crossing (2015): '… this is a most giving and lushly colourful account, amid it’s considerable palette – the symphonic pirouettes, the flotillas of bucolic arpeggios and its overall neo classical grandeur, we hear elements of Herrmann, Debussy, a young Nyman, Reich, Oldfield and Gamley flickering in its rich and bountiful sonic harvesting…’  Mark Losing 

  • Newgate Jail (2015): 'Gabriel was given the game soundtrack brief and he returned a couple of hours later with 2 tracks which showed his depth of understanding that we needed an intelligent fusion of medieval electronica but also working in the core SFX which were part of the story. Bursting with talent' Natasha Seery – Founder, City Run London

  • I am an Insect (2017): ‘I Am An Insect 3D soundscape by Gabriel Ware was definitely one of the highlights of Forest of Imagination 2017. Adults and children alike were captivated by the sweeping, filmic soundscape that transformed a hidden landscape dell into a truly memorable immersive experience. “It was like walking through a film” was a typical response.’ Andrew Grant - Grant Associates, founder of Forest Of Imagination

  • Liquid Histories (2018): ‘Gabriel Ware’s sonic contribution to Liquid Histories was a central element in creating a successful immersive environment; he brilliantly managed to capture both the poetic and everyday dimensions of the river through his aural landscape.’ Professor Jeremy Till, Head of Central Saint Martins

  • The Beyond (2018): Mandy Brooker: ‘So glad that me and my husband were able to experience this and we both left a plaque for loved ones. Incredibly moving, we both cried our eyes out.' 

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33 Princess Road, Camden, London


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